Energy Saving Solutions for Water

One great product and solution that we love is the Propelair Toilet. “Why a toilet”, we hear you say? Well, this toilet saves 84% on water.
It forces air (mainly) to flush and is super hygienic, as it only flushes upon closing the lid of the toilet, which also eliminates droplets that would otherwise have been formed (aerosol generating procedure) and can carry germs including Covid.

Another great solution to help reduce water consumption and costs is the Water Blade. The inventor of the product, Nigel Banford went on Dragons Den and has since seen much success with his water saving device for taps that saves more than 60% on water! It is so good that we have one installed in our bathroom. So, if you’re ever visiting the centre check out the water blade in our bathroom.

In the same vein, tap aerators are great little devices for saving on water! These are easy to install, very inexpensive to purchase and deliver useful water savings.

The Aquapulse solution

We love innovative solutions at Sustechs and this is one of them. The Aquapulse solution is new but is gaining traction throughout the world.

Aquapulse is a high grade stainless steel phial containing a compound of Feldspar stones sourced from South America and Asia

After going through a natural treatment process (no chemicals are involved in the manufacturing process), each of these natural ingredients makes small changes to the physical make up of water at molecular level. These serve to deliver the following benefits for users of water.

1. More efficient absorption of nutrients, thereby making it possible to reduce chemical and fertiliser dosages in any grown produce.

2. Water more readily absorbed by the stomachs of animals. This also serves to enhance water’s ability to flush toxins at cellular level.

3. Breaks down to nano particle size the minerals (proteins, toxins, dirt, chemicals etc.) which bond water molecules together

4. Enhances the natural cleansing properties of water which reduces the required levels of detergents and enables washing at lower water temperatures.

5. Reduces the surface tension of water providing more efficient heat (or cooling) transfer from appliances, thereby reducing energy consumption.

6. Enhances FAR Infrared absorption which stimulates natural development of grown produce and hydroponics.

7. Anti-bacterial properties proven to eliminate or reduce golden staphylococcus and coli bacillus.


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