Beagle Technologies

Based in Dorset, Beagle Aircraft Technologies is a 80,000 Sq Ft manufacturing facility with a multitude of aerospace capabilities such as metallic assemblies, composites machining, welding, sheet metal design, and chemical milling.

This large manufacturing site has many vast open rooms, making it challenging to adopt sustainable methods, but together with Beagle, we have persevered and been part of Beagle’s impressive 40% overall carbon footprint reduction since 2021.

76% Savings on Lighting

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sustechs. I have shared our environmental data with Sustechs to help understand how Beagle spends money on energy and Sustechs came back with some really good solutions to help us reduce our energy costs. One example is as follows:
Sustechs installed an energy monitoring tool in one area of the factory to measure the energy usage where we were using 19 x 140 watt lamps. Sustechs then replaced these lamps with LED lighting with motion sensors. This means we replaced 19 light fittings each consuming 144 watts of energy with 19 LED lights consuming 70 watts each.
Based on the energy cost at this date (Jan 2022) the cost per day with the original 144 watt light fittings was £5.10. After the installation of the 70 watt LED fittings this cost was reduced to £1.19 per day. It was the installation of the monitoring tool which provided the data. My plan is to install LED lighting with sensors throughout the site. We are now working closely with Sustechs to install further energy saving equipment throughout the site.

Malcolm Long, Director and General Manager, Beagle Technologies Ltd.