About Sustechs

We are a centre of excellence of innovative renewable energy and sustainable technology solutions. Based on strong ethical principles, we draw on over 15 years of successful provisioning of green technology, with 100+ years of knowledge base within our field of expertise.

We cater to both home and business owners, providing a platform to educate and inform clients on innovative renewable energy and sustainable technology solutions, allowing them to physically see the products, discover their carbon/cost saving benefits and find solutions for their requirements. The centre will also host events to provide more exposure to the solutions on offer.

Renewable Energy Solutions – There are several reasons why home and business owners are investing in renewable solutions:

– Smart medium-long term investments
– Cost savings & carbon savings
– The shift away from fossil fuel heating
– Future proofing their properties

We also provide many proven retro-fittable energy and water saving solutions available for both domestic and commercial buildings.

In addition, complementary building solutions that support cost savings, sustainability and health and safety benefits are available from the centre to satisfy any other requirements.