Air Source Heat Pumps

Already popular in the Nordics and operational in freezing conditions, Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) are a heating and cooling system that extract heat from ambient outside air and transfer it indoors for heating purposes. It can also reverse the process and remove heat from the indoor air to provide cooling. Sustechs provide a full range of ASHPs, including NIBE, Freedom, Samsung, and Mitsubishi.


What are the benefits of using an ASHP?

ASHPs offer several benefits, including energy efficiency, cost savings on heating bills, low environmental impact, and versatility in both heating and cooling modes.

How much does an ASHP cost?

This depends on several factors, including the size of the unit, the complexity of the installation, and the location of the building. Typically, in a 3-bed home, the cost to supply and install an ASHP is anywhere between £10,000-12,000.

Are there any government incentives or grants available for ASHP?

Yes, there are various government grants available. Please get in touch with a member of our team to discuss what you could be entitled to if you were to install an ASHP.

What maintenance is required for an ASHP?

Air source heat pumps require regular servicing annually, ideally by a professional HVAC technician. A good service includes cleaning the filters and outdoor unit, checking the refrigerant levels, and inspecting the system for any signs of wear or damage.

How long do ASHPs last?

Typically, a well-maintained unit can last for 15-20 years or more, much longer than a standard gas boiler!

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