Solar PhotoVoltaic

The term ‘photovoltaic’ means the direct conversion of light into electrical energy using solar cells. At Sustechs, we provide a full range of solar PV solutions. These include tier 1 solar PV panels, solar PV roof tiles, ground-mounted solar, and solar PV car ports for car parks.

Solar PV Panels can be installed on both commercial and residential properties, allowing the home or business owner to generate their own electricity, saving hundreds per year on energy bills, and decreasing reliance on the national grid.


  • Generating your own electricity will significantly reduce your reliance on your supplier and ultimately reduce your energy bills.

  • You will be reducing your carbon footprint by using less fossil fuel-generated electricity.
  • You will be contributing to the government’s 2040 net zero target, because solar PV has zero emissions.
  • You can earn money through a Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme, meaning you are paid a guaranteed minimum price for electricity not used/exported back to the grid.
  • A solar PV system requires very minimal maintenance.
  • You can benefit from the government’s current 0% renewables VAT rate.
  • If you have or are considering buying an electric car, you can charge the car at home using generated (free!) electricity.
  • Similarly, there are additional technologies like hot water diverters, that can also be powered using solar.
  • Installing solar panels can add value to your property as they represent cheaper electricity bills for prospective buyers.




  • Free, no obligation proposal.
  • Generation, savings and ROI predictions.
  • Friendly professional team.
  • Accredited by MCS, NICIEC, & RECC.
  • Trading Standards UK Approved.
  • Optional extras like battery storage and EV chargers.
  • We take care of all aspects of the design, structural survey, installation.
  • We can offer re-roofing as part of the whole project.
  • We offer aftercare.



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