Solar PV

At Sustechs, we provide a full range of solar PV (photovoltaic) solutions. These include tier 1 solar PV panels, solar PV roof tiles, the HUUB (a purpose-built solar PV building – summer house, office, external building) and solar PV car ports for car parks.

Solar PV Panels have been installed on many residential and commercial properties throughout the UK. They provide renewable energy (electricity) that can be used directly to power homes and businesses throughout the day or stored in batteries for night-time usage, offering greater energy savings and efficiencies.

Solar PV Roof Tiles are becoming more and more popular and can be easily applied to new and old roofs. Where customers prefer a more discrete solar PV installation, this solution is ideal. The solar PV roof tiles are manufactured in the UK and our team are happy to support the design, specification to proposal to supply and install your solar PV roof tiles.

The HUUB is a purpose-built solar PV panel building that is made of sustainable materials and is a great alternative to generating renewable energy from roof mounted solar PV panels. Ideal for anyone working from home (who needs an office at the end of the garden), perhaps a gym or another bedroom to extend your estate!

Solar PV car ports are becoming more and more popular. They serve several purposes; cover for vehicles and vehicle owners when they park underneath the car ports, renewable energy generation that can be fed directly into electric vehicles, the ability to transfer excess renewable energy to nearby properties!

At Sustechs, we are aware that certain properties require re-roofing before any solar PV solutions can be installed. Our specialist roofing partner provides all the latest re-roofing solutions for both domestic and commercial properties.

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