Energy Saving Solutions for Gas

There are many retrofittable solutions that can help a home or business owner reduce gas consumption. Our top three recommendations are as follows:

Endotherm is an award-winning solution that changes the surface tension of water in a closed heating circuit (in a gas/oil/LPG boiler). It is a specially formulated additive that is easily installed via a dosing pot or radiator. We love it because it is easy to install, lasts for over 5 years and it has a swift ROI (return on investment) of circa 12 months.

Another great idea we are happy to recommend is the Radbot. Again, it is easy to install and has immediate cost/carbon saving benefits with a swift ROI. If boilers are not being replaced with renewable heating solutions, this is a great idea to reduce fossil fuel consumption, carbon and costs. The Radbot is a totally new type of smart radiator controller that continually adjusts to how you use the room and automatically controls the heating pattern to match. Save energy and money off your bills by not heating empty rooms. No need for apps, smart thermostats, setting up schedules or engineers visiting your home.

Another great solution for fossil fuel burning appliances are magnetic fuel conditioners. The conditioners are also easy to install, inexpensive and provide energy savings of 10-20%. They provide an ROI of 1-2 years. This scientifically proven technology, changes the way fuel burns at the point combustion, providing a leaner, cleaner burn. The technology has been proven to work throughout the UK Marriott hotel group!

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