Energy Saving Solutions for Electricity

There are many retrofittable solutions that can help a home or business owner reduce electricity consumption. Our recommendations are as follows:

One of the easiest ways to identify energy savings is to install real-time energy monitoring. Our recommended circuit level energy monitoring tool is Panoramic Power. With Panoramic Power technology installed minute by minute real-time energy monitoring can be identified using an online platform. Benefits include identifying energy waste (outside of normal office hours), proving concept of retrofittable energy saving technology, proactive maintenance alerts to identify critical machine failures (abnormal energy spikes). Another great solution to help reduce electricity consumption (on cold water chillers) is EndoCool. The solution works in a similar way to Endotherm in that it changes the surface tension of water but this time of the cooling process of the cold-water circuit in a chiller. It is easy to install and provides a return on investment of 12-18 months.

Another great solution to save electricity on air conditioning and refrigeration is Smartcool. By using Panoramic Power energy monitoring, the energy savings created by using Smartcool can be easily identified. Typical energy savings of 25% are available with the use of Smartcool. Smartcool has been successfully proven and deployed throughout the Marriott Hotel Group and David Lloyd Leisure Group.

Sustechs are happy to provide another proven energy saving retrofittable solution for air conditioning and refrigeration. Coolnomix is easy to install, easy to prove and provides energy savings of 20-30% on the use of walk-in refrigeration, cellar coolers and air conditioning. The ROI of the solution is typically 1-2 years. The solution has been successfully deployed throughout the UK Marriott Hotel Group, Microsoft, Nestle and Coca Cola!

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