One of the easiest ways to identify energy savings in commercial properties is to install real-time energy monitoring. Our recommended circuit level energy monitoring tool is simple to install, yet provides minute by minute real-time visibility of energy consumption, right down to a single plug point, in an easy-to-use aggregated platform.

The benefits of this technology are endless. It allows users to identify energy waste (outside of typical operating hours), to create proactive alerts when energy consumption is abnormal or spikes, and proves the concept of retrofittable energy saving technology.

Once installed, the wireless, self-powered sensors become part of the building infrastructure, never requiring maintenance, service or battery replacement.



1. Sensors harvest the magnetic field as a power source for monitoring the flow of electricity and sending information wirelessly in real-time. 

2. Transmitting data wirelessly through the bridge, the sensors deliver energy information every 10 seconds to a monitoring platform, the solution’s cloud–based analytics dashboard. 

3. The platform provides users with a powerful interface to monitor, measure, report, and understand electrical energy consumption from the site level to an individual device level. Insight into energy usage enables users to optimised operations, processes and maintenance resources.


Why monitor your consumption

  • View Reports – Export reports that are meaningful and make data-driven decisions based on them.  

  • Receive Alerts – Get notified when energy consumption spikes in certain areas. 

  • Study Trends – Find out when, where and why your energy consumption is high or low, even during outside of operating hours!

  • Track & Compare – Use the technology to prove concept of other energy-reducing solutions and track the savings. 

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