An iconic home located in Dorset has been retrofitted with a number of renewable energy and energy saving solutions courtesy of Sustechs. We are proud to say that this home is very nearly a net zero property!

The roof has been installed with a reflective roof material, as well as solar PV panels with a 9.5kW battery storage system, which harnesses and stores electricity for later usage. The reflective roofing prevents the property from over-heating in the summer and provides additional renewable energy generation to the solar PV panels.

The property has been retrofitted with LED lighting throughout and is heated by an air source heat pump (ASHP).

We have also installed an electric vehicle charger charger which has a smart capability to charge the cars using surplus solar-generated electricity. Similarly, we installed a hot water diverter which heats the property’s hot water using any surplus electricity, instead of exporting it.    

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