Tregonwell Academy

Tregonwell Academy is part of the Ambitions Academy multi-academy trust in Dorset. Sustechs were contacted to achieve savings in the server room of the school. The server room was being cooled by an extremely inefficient air conditioning unit, and when the unit was working, it was cooling the room to an unnecessarily low temperature, costing them hundreds electricity bills. Sustechs decided to install a Free Cooling system in the server room, to negate the need for the air conditioning on almost every day of each year (on hot summer days it can be useful). 

94% Savings on cooling

The savings at Tregonwell were profound following their free cooling installation. The Deltamaster saves the school £3,000 per year in cooling costs, with over 10 tonnes of carbon dioxide saved per year, plus had a payback period (ROI) of less than 2 years.